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The news business has changed. Some continue to lament that it has changed to the detriment of the profession. Others say they are looking forward to a future of both higher quality and more dynamic journalism. The Internet and social media are no longer future “inevitabilities.” They are here and they have re-shaped the news and the profession of journalism forever. This is a story about some incredibly dedicated people. They are the new journalists who have abandoned an era in journalism that they understand is long gone and now embrace and re-shape a new brand of the profession that celebrates the technology that has transformed not only journalism, but also every aspect of our lives. 


“This Just In” will focus on three emerging, contemporary organizations that seek to do what every quality news organization wants to do: provide a public service that people will trust, rely on, and turn to. But in their fight for younger, more tech savvy consumers, they must both attract viewers and uncover the important stories of our time. The pressure every reporter feels to meet deadlines, update their blogs and engage with Twitter followers is matched by their organization’s drive to carve out a bigger niche online, increase revenue streams, and do more with less. Can these organizations shine a light on the country’s and the world’s most pressing problems and still turn a profit? Where is the balance between educating, inspiring, informing…and entertaining? And perhaps most importantly, will these discerning reporters, our subjects, be able to keep up and stay ahead in a news and information environment that requires them to churn out stories, update them on multiple platforms, and make a living without burning out?

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